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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Abnormal login problem
  • Make sure your network is functioning properly

  • Make sure your UID account and password are entered correctly

  • Pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters of password

How to change the login password?
  • Login in to WINBOX, click “Me” > "Setting" > "Change Login Password"

How to change the payment pin?
  • Login in to WINBOX, click "Me" > "Setting" > "Modify Payment Code"

How to change the mobile phone number?
  • Login in to WINBOX, click “Me” > “Picture Avater” > “Mobile No”

Why didn't I find any entertainment options when logging into WINBOX?

When a visitor logs in (without a referrer binding), he cannot enter any game and cannot deposit or withdraw cash. Visitors need to set the permission to bind the "recommended referrer" to trigger the game and the recharge function

Step 1: Log in to WINBOX, click "Me" > "Settings" > "Referrer"

Step 2: You can scan the QR code of your friend or the QR code of the promoter found on the Internet to bind the recommender. After the binding is completed, all operations can be performed normally

When need Login on different devices

In order to protect your account, when using different devices to log in, you need to complete the "bind device" step

Enter your mobile phone number on a new device for receive a verification code to log in

Transaction Record

The transaction record in the upper right of the wallet function can filter various platforms and time to view detailed transaction records. In addition, the user's transfer content is presented in detail in this function.

Order History

The order history function saves user recharge and withdrawal records. Click the record to view the details

If your top up and withdrawal has not passed or reject, you can click into the details to view the reason.

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